Stop wasting food!

Inexpire enables you to track food, drinks, medicines, and other perishables

What's in the pantry?

Don't guess, don't wonder. Know for sure by checking your personal inventory!

Grocery shopping is a breeze!

Shop with confidence knowing what you already have at home. Inexpire provides customized shopping lists based on what you've used already

When did we open that...?

Leftovers aren't a mystery anymore. Inexpire tracks expiration dates and shows if that chicken is still good

Out of stock alerts

Inexpire will let you know when you're running low on an item so you can stock up before you run out

Inexpire. Personal inventory management.

No matter what you're tracking, Inexpire gives you the confidence to stock up. With customized shopping lists, expiration tracking, and low stock alerts, Inexpire is the only personal inventory tool your household needs!



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